Q.Can play with children?

A.We are target age is over 7years old. And under 11years old, parents are required. (7years old, please negotiable.)

Q.Just look. Is OK?

A.Sorry, Can not only look,(However, parents are possible.)

Q.If I am late, can I experience it?

A.If you arrive late within 30 minutes, you are in the middle of the game. For late arrivals longer than 30 minutes, you can change the reservation at another session.

Q.What should I wear?

A.Ninja costume is can wear of over the your clothes. Please be wear easy clothes. And we rent for you a T-shirts(¥500) and pants(¥500).

Q.Can I get a Wi-Fi there?

A.Yes. It's Free Wi-Fi here.And we have a free chager for your phone.

Q.Is entry permitted without a booking?

A.Bookings are given priority. Please proceed to the ticket page here. We will also accept on the day, but we will recommend reservation for reservation priority.

Q.Can I change or add the number of reserved people and the date and time?

A.Please contact us for changes, additions.

Q.Can VR goggles be used with eyeglasses?

A.・It is possible to wear VR goggles while wearing glasses, but in some cases it may not be possible due to the shape or size of the glasses. We recommend using contact lenses if possible. *We cannot be held responsible for damaged glasses. Please take care when putting on the goggles. *Viewing may not be comfortable with bifocal eyeglasses or bifocal contact lenses.

Q.Can I use a credit card on the premises?

A.You can use it in the facility.(VISA, MASTER, CUP, Credit Saison, life card etc)

Q.Is photography and taking videos with video cameras allowed inside the venue?

A.Photography and taking videos is permitted with the exception of activity area and certain designated areas. However, taking photos or videos in a dishonestly other customers, as well as using photos and videos for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Q.Can I refund it?

A.We can not refund it.