Ninja experience with family
Ninja experience with a couple
VR experience
Ninja experience with friends
Revolving door experience
throwing stars training
Sword training
Avoidance training
Commemorative photo in VR space

Do you want to become a Ninja?

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Are you looking for Ninja experience? VR Ninja Dojo, is a brand new store for tourists in Tokyo. Our experience is not only wearing costumes. But you will learn 4 kind of Ninja arts(sword, Ninja magic, throwing stars, avoidance) by highly-trained Ninja instructors. And test your new skills in our combat simulator, using latest VR technology. One of the most unique things to do in Tokyo!


Ninja practicing sword
Ninja in shuriken training
Ninja in avoiding
Ninja learning Ninpo magic
Ninja in VR training
Ninja in VR world experience
Ninja with your own certification
Cheapest reservation on our official website ONLY!!


Turn sound on!!!
Beatboxer-Daichi & Castro Satoshi
Introduced VR NINJA Dojo!

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Our Features

We will lend you a costume for free for your ninja adventure.

Free Ninja costume

Your guidance and training will all be in English.

All in English

Learn how to use sword, shuriken (throwing-stars), ninpo (ninja arts) and how to dodge enemies.

4 training to be Ninja

While you are watching your ninja comrades battle, make sure to cheer them on.

VR experience

Commemorative photo video can be downloaded.


Book online! Big discount!!
Book online!
Big discount!!

Memory of Ninja experience


Souvenirs in VR NINJA DOJO

Exterior of VR NINJA DOJO Interior of VR NINJA DOJO Akihabara MAP to VR NINJA DOJO

5min. from KANDA Sta.
Chuo Line / Yamanote Line / Keihin Tohoku Line : West Exit Ginza line : Exit 4

2-15-15 Takehashi Bld., Uchikanda,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047, Japan
OPEN TIME : 9:30 or 10:30 (It depends on the status of booking.)
Last session you can book is 18:00

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  • About MR-BOX
  • Using Five for’s proprietary mixed reality technology, the MR-BOX solves a VR-related problem by enabling the audience to see the player interacting with the VR-World through a display, without requiring them to wear headsets themselves.

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    Five for Co., Ltd.Uchikanda Chuo Building 7F, 1-18-13,
    Uchikanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo, JAPAN


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